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Bratki are the twin houses, designed and constructed with attention to details and high quality materials. Extraordinary spaces, large surface area and fabulous surroundings of Bratki will allow you to relax in the full sense of the word.

Near the houses there is a large meadow, from which you can enjoy a beautiful, panoramic view of the Karkonosze Mountains with majestic "Śnieżka" mountain in the center of the horizon. On the meadow you can jog, stroll or sunbathe. During winter you can make a snowman or organize a snowball fight without worrying about safety - this site is off for traffic.

Each of the homes has 11 beds in 4 bedrooms. The exact layout of rooms you can find in the offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at: +48 515 970 980 or e-mail: kontakt@batur.pl

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